Amy Meltzer

Author of The Shabbat Princess and A Mezuzah on the Door

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A Little About Me


I’m a teacher, a mom, and a writer. Or at least that’s how I spend most of my waking (and some of my sleeping) hours.

I’m the author of two children’s books, A Mezuzah on the Door, which was a selection of the PJ Library for many years, and The Shabbat Princess. I’m also a kindergarten teacher at a Jewish day school, and an occasional book reviewer for the Washington Jewish Week, although I live nowhere near Washington DC. I used to write a parenting blog called Homeshuling, but I don’t update it anymore.

In my past lives (or so it seems) I was a founder of the Teva Learning Alliance, an Outward Bound instructor, a teacher at Nature’s Classroom, a Hillel professional at UPENN, a student at Wesleyan University, Smith College, The Bryn Mawr School for GIrls, and a women’s yeshiva in NYC. I also used to have hobbies, like knitting, bread-baking and backpacking. (See paragraph one.)

This is a picture of my dog. (My kids don’t want their picture on the website, but Nelson has been curiously silent about the matter.) Isn’t he cute?


Author Visits with Amy Meltzer

I love to share my books with children and their families. I’m a teacher who likes to write, not a writer who likes to teach, so I know how to design and present engaging programs tailored specifically to the age, experience and interests of your learners.

Some of the programs I’ve offered in the past:


Mezuzah on the Door - Hands on Mezuzah Museum  Participants examine some of the materials used to make a mezuzah scroll and explore a variety of artistic cases. After participants learn about the mezuzah, I’ll read A Mezuzah on the Door aloud, and end with a question and answer session. 30-45 minutes.

Mezuzah on the Door - The Editing Process After I read A Mezuzah on the Door aloud, participants have the opportunity to compare excerpts from several drafts of the manuscript, hunting for small and large changes in the story. I’ll explain how a book goes from a story to a finished book and end with a question and answer session. 30-45 minutes.


The Shabbat Princess - What makes shabbat fancy? Participants brainstorm about things that are fancy and things that are not fancy. We talk about shabbat as an opportunity to be fancy each week, and children help set a fancy shabbat table to prepare for a visit from the Shabbat princess. I’ll read The Shabbat Princess aloud and respond to questions. 30 minutes. 

The Shabbat Princess - Make something fancy for Shabbat! Children decorate paper crowns with stickers, sparkly markers and jewels prior to the reading of the story, or make sequined challah covers after the reading of the story. 30 - 60 minutes.

Do you have other ideas? E-mail me at homeshuling dot g mail dot com, and we can plan your author visit together. Cost depends on hours on site and travel distance from Northampton, Massachusetts.